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Moving the Needle on Metrics that Matter.


New positioning, branding and services packaging increased average deal size by 3X

"Within a short span, Jordan masterfully steered Delegate through a rebranding odyssey, giving birth to a refreshed messaging and go-to-market strategy. His ingenuity was palpable as our deal sizes surged in just a matter of months.

"What sets Jordan apart isn't just his exemplary marketing prowess. It's the unconventional spirit he brings to the table, which perfectly complements our no-frills, kind-hearted, yet fiercely competitive DNA.

He's not your typical CMO - and this isn’t your standard praise. It’s a testament to his unique flair... His mentorship transcends the confines of the professional, leaving a lasting impression on the soul. Saying he is an asset to any leadership team would be an understatement."

- Robert Sur, Founder/CEO, Delegate

First mover AI positioning and ABM campaigns reeled in long-coveted CPG and Retail accounts worth 10X average AOV to the company.

"We brought Jordan on for his expertise and success marketing complex solutions to large consumer brands. We needed him to help us re-invent our story in the marketplace and ensure we could address the largest possible market for our offerings in the most appealing ways. Jordan and his team were incredibly valuable in helping us go after the bigger vision and opportunity that had been eluding us for years."

- Jonathan Treiber, Founder/CEO, Revtrax (acquired by Neptune Retail Solutions)

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Turn-around situation. Fixed anemic sales pipeline and demand generation program, grew SQLs by 5X in 6 months.

​"I brought on Jordan to oversee branding and growth marketing for Zignal Labs, and he quickly produced a world-class annual client summit with just 4-months lead time, and drove an account-based marketing program targeting senior leaders at F500 leads that markedly grew the pipeline and successful outcomes for our sales team."

- Bill Kiriakis, CRO, Zignal Labs

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My core values are centered on hard work, risk-taking, and mutual respect, and I always seek to work with people and teams who share these values. I work with great leaders who are brilliant innovators, but above all else are good human beings. 


If you are looking for a different kind of marketing partner who will challenge you to think differently and get out of your comfort zone, let's talk. 

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