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We've Got the X-Factor

No one in B2B has ever SEO'd themselves to greatness. Great brands are built, not found.

Most clients come to us when they realize that they don't have a good story – and that it's the biggest obstacle standing in the way of greatness.

No one understands what they do, how they are different, and how incredibly innovative and valuable their products and services are. 


Our superpower is coming up with big hairy audacious marketing ideas, strategies, and campaigns that turn challengers into leaders and no-names into iconic brands. 

At the foundation is pixel perfect positioning and messaging that ensures that investments into growth marketing campaigns are profit generating ones.

Jordan Cohen

Founder & Consulting CMO

Thanks for visiting. As the founder of The Fox Hill Group, I have over two decades of experience marketing B2B tech companies at various stages of growth, from Series A to IPO. 


Prior to starting Fox Hill, I served as the first VP of Marketing for Movable Ink, where I repositioned the company to establish product-market fit with major consumer brands and created a multibillion-dollar new category in the process. 


Movable went from $0 - $10M ARR in just two years, and it now stands as one of a handful of NYC-based SaaS unicorns, most recently valued at $1.4B.

After that, I joined Fluent as its first Chief Marketing Officer, where I repositioned and rebranded the company, and developed a repeatable process for demand generation that scaled the business from $50M to $250 in under 4 years. I also served as a core member of the executive deal team that sold the company in a blockbuster 9-figure deal, and soon after IPO'd on the Nasdaq.


Since launching The Fox Hill Group, I've had the pleasure of working with dozens of companies to level up their marketing, including What If Media Group, Delegate, RevTrax, Wellput, and many more. 


Let's Get Rolling

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My core values are centered on hard work, risk-taking, and mutual respect, and I always seek to work with people and teams who share these values. I work with great leaders who are brilliant innovators, but above all else are good human beings. 


If you are looking for a different kind of marketing partner who will challenge you to think differently and get out of your comfort zone, let's talk. 

Thanks we will reply ASAP!

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