The Fox Hill Group was founded by digital marketing industry veteran Jordan Cohen to help organizations tackle their most pressing and daunting challenge: Growth.

Easier said than done, growth marketing requires a blend of art and science, and a creative "X factor" that most companies are severely lacking and eternally searching for. It's no wonder that CMO's notoriously "enjoy" the shortest tenure in the C-suite: without a clear strategy, disposition towards execution, and the agility to rapidly change directions when market conditions call for it (which they always do), most fall flat.

When you partner with The Fox Hill Group, you'll find a team of energized, passionate, and proven growth marketing leaders who will make an immediate impact on your business. We don't waste any time getting to the bottom line of your Go-to-Market problems, and implement plans and programs that yield incredible results.

We most often are tapped to come in to run point on marketing and PR for early stage start-ups, more established firms without strong marketing leadership and/or stagnant growth, companies facing turnaround situations, and companies in scale-up mode who may be considering an exit in the immediate future.

Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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