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Marketing that
Cuts Through the Clutter
And Gets Real Results

We work with B2B Tech startups to tell better stories, build better marketing strategies, and execute campaigns with precision.

Stop being the best kept secret

You've built a phenomenal product. You've built an incredibly talented team. Everyone should be working with you. But, you're "one of the the best kept secrets" in your industry, and you're tired of it. If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place. Here's a quick snapshot of what we offer.

Brand Excellence

We'll help you with the 3 C's of brand strategy, developing Consistent, Credible and Compelling messaging and positioning that breaks through the noise and drives successful outcomes for your business.

Killer Content

Our clients' research and insights have been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and other top media outlets, and have driven countless leads while positioning them as the definitive thought leaders in their fields. We'll partner with you to produce content from beginning to end that tells your story in provocative ways and hits the mark with customers and prospects.

Scale with Speed

Need to fill and optimize your funnel? We've helped companies grow from $0 - $10MM ARR, and from $50 - $250MM and beyond. Whether you're launching or scaling, we'll take you to the next level with our broad expertise spanning demand gen, PR, events, content marketing and more.

Advisory Services

Our experience includes blue-chip VC raises, acquisitions, and IPOs. We work with founders who need help from people who've been there before, and also work with PEs, VCs and investors evaluating opportunities in mar-tech, ad-tech, media and e-commerce. 

The Fox Hill Group Difference

Over the last two decades, we have worked with startups of all shapes and sizes, and have been brought in to launch promising new ventures, to turn around stagnating businesses, and to accelerate growth for more established companies who needed breakthrough marketing ideas to become category leaders.

As a CMO-led marketing management consultancy, we have the broad experience and expertise needed to get the job done: Brand, Product Marketing, and Demand are all strong-suits, by necessity. 

We've seen it all, work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, and always make an outsized impact: just ask anyone who's ever stepped in the ring with us, whether we've been in their corner or have gone to battle with them from the other side.


We only partner with clients when our capabilities are 100% aligned with their needs, when we share common values, and when we know that we can come in make an immediate and substantial impact.

Sample Clients

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