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Our Services

Marketing as a Service

There is no shortage of Fractional CMOs these days, but the start-ups and scale-ups who tap them often also need help in the functional areas that roll up to the CMO: demand generation, PR, content, design, web development and more. We offer fractional CMO services, but also have a deep bench of experts who step up to the plate to fill the unique needs of  each client, enabling them to be off to the races from the get-go, without having to deal with the headache and worry associated with long and competitive recruiting cycles.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than just a logo. It's your story. It's your differentiator. It's who you are, and why people should care about you. And it forms the foundation for everything that your marketing team will produce. Leveraging our proven methodology, we'll work with you to build a lasting brand strategy that clearly conveys how you are different, innovative, and better than the competition. We start by conducting an extensive Intake & Observations process, develop a rock-solid Messaging & Positioning source of truth, and then help you build your new elevator pitch, core sales and investor decks, company overview documents, and yes, if you need them, the perfect new name and logo. One thing is certain: after this exercise is complete, when asked who you are, everyone in the company will finally be on the same page.

Custom Research

Our team has decades of experience producing research that has been used to garner top tier press, fill sales pipelines, and build thought leadership credentials for clients. Great research supports your corporate narrative in a way that no other form of content can. Engage with us to create custom research under your own banner or tap into The Fox Hill Group brand for credible third-party validation of your vision. 

Advisory Services for Investors and Founders

We partner with private equity firms, venture capitalists, and institutional investors to make the right decisions when it comes to evaluating targets and accelerating growth for portfolio companies through our suite of consulting services, as well as through operating advisor, and board director positions. We also offer start-up founders counsel and support when it comes to developing fundraising and acquisition materials (investor decks, CIMs, data rooms, etc.)